Commercial EV Charging Stations & Installation
Chargepoint EVR Green 4000 Bracer EV

* Did You Know?

The Government of Ontario offers the Electric Incentive Program for all businesses that choose to incorporate electric vehicle charging stations?

As we know, the Government of Ontario fully supports the adoption of electric vehicles in the commercial space, which is why they offer such great incentives for you to work towards a more energy efficient future. As part of the program, business owners can receive up to $7,500 back per charging space depending on each business’s particular situation.

For more information on the Ontario Workplace Electric Charging Vehicle Incentive Program, please click here to visit the Government of Ontario’s website: Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program.

At Bracer EV, we always try to find the best possible ways to ensure your electric vehicle charging stations are installed as safely, efficiently, and quickly as possible. For us, it is also very important to make sure that all standards are met and that your business complies with them too.

Our certified contractors and electricians will come to inspect your site in person to understand the specifics and derive the work that will need to be performed. Since these jobs are more specialized, we will develop a custom quote for your business and follow up with you as soon as we gather all the specifications. After the initial inspection and quote, we are ready to get to work and install your electric vehicle charging stations. Let us help you make the quick and easy transition towards a greener business model.

Click here to download the EVR Green 4000 Charger Spec Sheet

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